Building Connections

You are invited to a 5-week online Women’s Bible Study, The Power of the Tongue.

This Bible Study will provide you with the opportunity to grow spiritually, grow

in character and grow in community. Join us!

See flyer for more registration details.

Ladies, join us on Saturday, October 14, 2023 for our 6th annual Women’s Conference. This year, our theme is Fearless. Living fearlessly is so important and enables us to live in freedom. We’ll be having 3 powerful speakers: Natalie Willis, Denise Marek, and Patricia Russell. They’ll be sharing with us about Power, Love, and a Sound Mind. Get your Early Bird ticket today! They’re available until August 31st only. Afterwards, the regular price tickets will be on sale. Get ready for a day of empowerment, encouragement, camaraderie, and a time to learn some valuable information to grow spiritually.

Get your tickets via Eventbrite at or send an e-transfer to Aisha Nixon at

Join us this Thursday, September 29th, 2022. I have the honour to have as my guest speaker, Shelley-Ann Brown, an Olympic Silver Medalist for my Dare to Dream Series. See & hear us live on Rise with Hope, YouTube channel at 8pm EST. It’s going to be empowering!

Designed to Empower is celebrating 5 years of hosting women’s conferences. We’re inviting you to join us on Saturday, October 15th at our annual conference. This year, our conference is called Uncovered: Walking in God’s Grace. We have two powerful speakers, Lyn Wade & Andrea Walters. They will be sharing on the topics, A Father’s Heart (Lyn Wade) and Rising Strong (Andrea Walters).  Invite a friend. Buy your tickets today!

Click on the link to bring you to the Eventbrite page. You can buy your tickets there.

Ladies, you have the opportunity to join this 5 week session, Motivation to Grow. Join our community of women as we strive ahead this season together. Goal setting can be easy. Growth and pace can be a bit harder as it requires constant choice and discipline.

Let’s encourage and motivate each other to grow at our own pace to work on achieving a personal goal of our own choice.

What it will involve:

  • accountability
  • encouragement
  • commitment
  • check-ins

It’s a 5 week session: February 1st – March 1st, every Tuesday

Interested? Please send me an email at:

Exciting news! I have my next conversation series coming up shortly. My Autumn series, There’s Beauty in Change, is a series of conversations that I’ll be having with women who have experienced/are experiencing change in their lives, and how they experienced a beauty out of it. These conversations will be featured on my YouTube channel, Rise with Hope. Check it out every Thursday evening from 8-8:30pm EST. The series will begin October 7th and end November 25th, 2021. Go to Rise with Hope on YouTube to watch them and be encouraged, inspired, enlightened, and empowered.

Upcoming Women’s conference: Bring It To Light

This conference was made with you in mind!

Come and register for our online women’s conference, Bring It To Light.

We have the honour of having 2 powerful speakers, Andrea Boweya and Sarah Beardy. Their expertise is certainly of great value.

Sarah Beardy is an Oji-Cree member of Muskrat Dam First Nation descending from her family’s traditional lands which include Bearskin Lake, Big Trout Lake and Newfoundland. She is a mother. Through her studies, Sarah has been examining Indigenous matters at Trent University. She continues to learn through her participation in culturally focused workshops and ceremonies.

Sarah has given much thought to the experience of Christian Indigenous Peoples as they engage with their heritage while growing in their Christian faith. She has supported various organizations by providing cultural training and educational support in respect to Indigenous issues. She is currently enrolled in the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program.

Our next speaker, Andrea Boweya, is a registered psychotherapist, a wife, a mother, and inspirational speaker. She is the author of 2 life changing books: Legacy Moments and The Heart of a Good Thing.

Andrea has been a psychotherapist for 20 years. She is well known and valued for her warmth and relational style. She has served as a clinician in diverse settings, and has supported many individuals, couples, and families during some of the most difficult experiences of life to move toward hope, growth and healing.

This conference will shed light on issues relating to trauma, as well as address strategies and resources to support women who are in need of restoration and healing. There is Hope, ladies.

Buy your ticket today! Register today. Tickets are $20.00. Go to Eventbrite at

This is going to be a powerful conference! The time is now to be encouraged, empowered, find community, and be strengthened spiritually in God.

Conference takes place Saturday, October 16th from 10am-12 noon.

Summer Spotlights is a series of conversations that I’ll be having with women from different fields of work and business. These conversations will be featured on my YouTube channel, Rise with Hope. Check it out every Thursday evening from 8-8:30pm EST. (This series ends September 22nd.) Go to Rise with Hope on YouTube to watch them and be inspired, enlightened, and empowered.

This Thursday, July 22nd, I’ll be having a conversation with my first guest, Jady Nugent, the Founder of The Green Table.

Fantastic news! I’m starting a new series, Summer Spotlights, highlighting women from various fields of work and business.

This promo video will provide you with more valuable details. Stay tuned! Our first conversation is on July 22nd, 2021.

Exciting News!

My new YouTube channel, Rise with Hope, is live.

Please take a moment to hear the promo video and subscribe.

FREE online Women’s Bible Study entitled, “What God Has Done for You”

5 week sessions: July 7th – August 4, 2021

Every Wednesday from 8pm – 9pm EST

3 dynamic speakers: Cheryl Edwards, Donette Dacosta, & Vahen King

Please send an email to Aisha Nixon at to register.

Upcoming FREE Women’s Bible Study, What Has God Done for You

starting July 7, 2021. A 5 wk study Every Wednesday, from 8pm-9pm EST.

Exciting news! 3 amazing guest speakers will be joining us.

Join us! We’d love for you to be a part of our community. There’s space for you.

Invite a friend. There’s space for her as well. Please share.

RSVP by July 1st to Aisha Nixon @

Listen to Aisha Nixon’s interview with Neil Boron, the host of Neil Boron Live on WDCX radio. I’m sharing about my third book, One Common Denominator. (This interview aired on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021.)

If you would like a copy of this book, please go to Shop – Aisha’s Books on this website to purchase a copy.

Building Connections

Designed to Empower invites you to the virtual women’s conference “Rise Up: Warrior Women” on Saturday, October 17th, 2020. This will be a great event where you will get to hear women share their personal journey with mental health, financial issues, and forgiveness. Also, there will be Q&A periods, music, and a variety of draws.

What an opportune time for you to be part of a forum, so that you can be encouraged, find community, and be strengthened spiritually in God.

This virtual conference is for women ages 18+.

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