Candice Clarke

1 – Beginning of the journey – What was the situation? Was there a need?

I don’t think that I can remember a time that I was not enamored of the desire to dance. Before I came to Christ, all I wanted to do was express myself through movement and bare it all on a stage, but once I found myself in a relationship with Jesus, that desire turned towards wanting to please Him with excellent worship. I was asked to start a dance ministry at my church and although we were ministering regularly, I felt as though we were settling just for congregational applause. There was so much more to know about the dance ministry, about leadership, about praise, worship, prophecy, and anointing but here we were just getting by because we were dancing to popular songs. I visited several churches and saw the same scenario – lots of movement, but no depth. I felt that there was a need for dance ministers to be trained, so that we could offer an excellent sacrifice in spirit, soul and body. I was led to launch Diella Dance. Diella means worshipper and the school has since opened its offering to dancers, musicians and vocal ministers.

2 – The reason for courage while in the journey – How does courage play a role?

If left to myself, I have no problem being called an introvert, private, shy, hermit maybe? No, honestly, I enjoy being alone, in quietude, probably a lot more than I should. SO, being called to lead people on this journey took all the courage I could muster. I had to first remind myself constantly through the Word that I was even able to do this – that I had something to share that was needed. Then, I had to advertise and promote. Oh goodness! It took everything in me to put out ads on social media and publish my website that I kept nitpicking on for almost 3 months! This journey made me realize that while I was working hard to get people free of mediocrity, God was working even harder to get me free of fear. I had to give up every bit of insecurity and trust Him with my all, which meant using a large part of my savings to build a studio to house the school of now 30+ students.

3 – Was there change/growth in yourself? What were the fruits of your courage on others? – Describe the impact.

The trust I had in God and His unfailing love was the courage I needed to stay the journey even when the challenges came. Just under a year of the studio opening, I had to close its doors. Due to the COVID pandemic, I was unable to operate the school for several months and we had to give up the rental facility that housed the studio. Fear told me that I had wasted much time, energy and most of my financial resources, but the courage that had found in this season of growth, spoke louder than the other voices. I was able to push past the pain to purpose and I’m currently working on an online programme for dance ministers to be able to access the school from any part of the world. I was most concerned about how the loss of the studio would impact my children who saw the sacrifices my husband and I put in to build it. Even though they are young, we’ve seen them learn to trust in God’s faithfulness to get us through this season together.

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