Ladies, isn’t it a beautiful thing when we can celebrate the wins and successes of our sisters? Think about the grit, effort, time, commitment, and sacrifice that your sister has made to reach a particular goal or dream. She needs a genuine friend who can shout a loud hoorah, show up and provide support, and say life-giving words that build up to make her feel taller and even stronger.

A confident woman has no qualms in celebrating her sister. She knows that it doesn’t take away from her. She allows the space for celebration to be a place free from jealousy and comparison, and one of joy and contentment.

Take the time to celebrate your sister. Let her know that you are in her corner. You are excited for her win and the success that she has achieved. Let your smile show her that you are grateful to share this memorable moment with her. Let your words remind her that your encouragement is a valuable gift.

Romans 12:15 – “Rejoice with those who rejoice…”

Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon