Courageous Women

Courage is the quality shown by someone who decides to do something difficult or dangerous, even though they may be afraid.

Welcome to the lives of these courageous women. They have demonstrated courage through a particular season in their lives. Read their stories.

Courage is being defined as the quality of when you do something difficult, even when you may be afraid. (Collins Dictionary)

Candice Clarke

From an early age, Candice’s love for the Arts was ignited through performing dramatic monologues. With a passion to create wholesome and entertaining media, Candice went on to study Digital, Film and Television Production at the Toronto Film School and in 2010, started a local media production company, The Izaya Movement. As a dancer, she pursued training at the Praise Academy of Dance, where she had the opportunity to later serve as a teacher and then Acting Artistic Director of the Trinidad and Tobago branch. In 2019, she launched her own School of Technique, Diella Dance, whose mandate is to train the Church for excellence and impact in the Arts. At home, she is the wife to the most adorable husband and mother of 3 wonderful children. Social Media Handles: | FaceBook: Diella Dance | InstaGram: @dielladance

1 – Beginning of the journey – What was the situation? Was there a need?

I don’t think that I can remember a time that I was not enamored of the desire to dance. Before I came to Christ, all I wanted to do was express myself through movement and bare it all on a stage, but once I found myself in a relationship with Jesus, that desire turned towards wanting to please Him with excellent worship. I was asked to start a dance ministry at my church and although we were ministering regularly, I felt as though we were settling just for congregational applause. There was so much more to know about the dance ministry, about leadership, about praise, worship, prophecy, and anointing but here we were just getting by because we were dancing to popular songs.

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Carolina Ayala

Carolina Ayala lives in Durham, Ontario. She works as a Community Support Worker in the social services field. Carolina enjoys sharing her testimony and encouraging others to be their authentic self. Being a daughter of God has been her most treasured possession. She is who she is because of her Heavenly Father. As a child, Carolina participated in a Gemini nominated documentary called Speaking of Courage. It was a life changing project that encouraged her to reach for the stars. Social Media Handles: Instagram: @chica_banana

1 – Beginning of the journey – What was the situation? Was there a need?

Ever since I began learning how to speak, I have stuttered. It is a neurological disorder with a genetic component. Being unable to speak as fast as you think, can be challenging. Having difficulty to even say your name is problematic in and of itself, but add to that trying to socialize. Often, especially in my childhood people thought I was “mentally retarded” and unworthy of their time and friendship. The early years were filled with loneliness, turmoil and therefore learning that I was better off being quiet and convincing myself to be satisfied with my one true friend, Jesus. No one could see Him but I felt him always with me, especially at recess.

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Dr.Natasha Williams

Dr. Natasha Williams is a Registered Psychologist and the Clinical Director of Allied Psychological Services which is an anti-oppressive, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual psychological private practice providing a variety of services including assessment, psychotherapy, corporate consultation, supervision and training to clients from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Williams is also an international professional speaker, trainer, published author and the President of the Association of Black Psychologists.

Social Media handles: Social Media Handles: Facebook @drnatashawilliams | Instagram @drnatashawilliams | LinkedIn @drnatashawilliams

1 – Beginning of the Journey – What was the situation? Was there a need?
My mother was my role model. At a young age she told me that with hard work, I can be anything I set my mind on. My mother passed away of breast cancer two weeks before I started high school and our family was devastated. However, her passing, ignited a desire in me to touch as many lives as I could. Even though I was only thirteen years old, I remember many people approached me and expressed how influential my mother was. How she would make it her mission to uplift others and she would literally “take the shirt off her back” to help others. I knew that whatever career that I pursued that it would be my mission to be a representation of my mother, my “Strong Black Woman”.

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Jennifer Tatem

Jennifer is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have been blessed with three beautiful children. She teaches preschool, and before the fire, also had her own all-natural dog treat making business. She loves baking everything delicious, and adores spending time up north with her family. Her favourite place to be is relaxing on a dock by the water. Jennifer loves the Lord and is so thankful for his unconditional love and grace.

Rising From The Ashes

It was a normal day. Wake up, shower, get the kids off to school, go to work. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special about this day. Little did we know when we woke up that morning however, that later that afternoon, our lives would be changed forever.

On a cold afternoon in January, while our two daughters (ages 10 and 14) were home alone after school (I was on my way to my son’s high school basketball game, and my husband Paul was at work), a fire broke out in our home. This fire was angry. It rolled through the house at an alarming speed, destroying everything in its path.  From the first spark, to the entire home being fully engulfed in flames, was 4 minutes.

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Lori-Ann Dinnall

I am a daughter, wife, stepmother and sister-friend. My life experiences in studying psychology, grief & pre-marital counseling alongside a lengthy career in the hotel industry, has solidified my passion for people and walking with them through various life seasons. I have served as a church elder, small group leader and Bible teacher in local churches however my greatest & proudest endeavours come from serving others from the comfort of my home. I proudly mentor young adult women through my recently launched initiative “Growing Women” which seeks to spiritually & practically equip the next generation for success. Whether you hear me teaching the Word of God on a stage or hosting guests in my home, my utmost desire is to create environments where people feel seen, understood & celebrated. Social Media Handles: | FaceBook – Lori-Ann Dinnall | Instagram – @ladylor_dinnall | Instagram – @lynandlor_courageousconvos

1 – Beginning of the journey – What was the situation? Was there a need?

Throughout 2018, my interactions with young millennial women showed me that much has changed in society & culture as it relates to what people value and are pursuing. I began feeling a mix of being old (or out of touch) alongside a genuine concern that this generation of women were growing up ill-equipped to face the pressures of adult life.

As I began to build relationships with several young women, I recognized that there was a need for “big sisters” to walk with them and share life lessons. I shifted my attention from being silently critical of these young women to developing a heart of compassion for them. I felt the call to step up and be a light to these women.

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