Fear can paralyze you or it can motivate you to overcome it. Have you experienced either in your life? I know I have.

You can be afraid of something and have so many “What ifs…” swimming around in your mind. A lot of times these “What ifs…” are never realized. Yet, we allow them to consume our thoughts, and think of them as a reality. This can lead to us being paralyzed and saying “No” to different opportunities, projects, experiences, relationships, etc. It could be saying no to moving to another country to start a new job. It could be saying no to getting married. It could be saying no to taking a new role for a project. Operating in this type of fear can cause us to miss out.

Secondly, you can be afraid of making mistakes. I know for me this has been to my detriment, and has caused me to waste time. Sometimes, I procrastinate because I’m thinking the whole thing through before I even begin to accomplish a task. I want to be certain that I will be perfect in the process before I begin. Can you identify with that? I’m realizing that if I don’t know how the process will turn out, sometimes I don’t attempt to move forward. I need to understand that if I make a mistake, or mistakes, that I can use that as an opportunity to grow. The more I embrace the process without knowing what may come of it, the easier it is to enjoy the inner development of my character, mind, and soul. Also, when I embrace the process, it adds more meaning to my experiences.

On the other hand, fear can motivate you to overcome it. You can look fear in the eye, and decide that nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling that goal or dream. You go for it! You may even be afraid while moving forward in the direction of accomplishing your dream or goal. You have more courage than fear. You may even have some “What ifs…” floating around in your mind. You don’t even waste your time entertaining those questions. You’d rather be in the zone of courage and put the gear into drive to achieve your dream or goal. There is growth in this process too. There are lessons to learn.  Operating in this type of fear can cause you to gain so much.

You need to have the mindset that if someone else can do it, you can do it too. You need to believe Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. What do you believe? What are your thoughts focused on?

If you are afraid, will you let it paralyze you or will you use it as a way to motivate yourself to overcome it? It’s your choice.

Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon