Have you heard the saying, “The grass is greener on the other side.”? We see someone’s walk with God, ministry, marriage, family, business, career, etc and think these areas are better than our own. The list goes on and on. Have you ever stopped to think that the grass can be greener on your side?

Let’s process that. What does it take for the grass to be greener on our side?

  1. It takes regular watering. Whatever area of your life that you wish was greener, ask yourself if you are watering that area regularly. For example, you may admire someone’s relationship with God. Ask yourself: Am I reading God’s Word daily? Am I praying to God daily? Do I take the time to be silent before God to hear Him speak to me? Am I allowing God to show me the areas in my life that need to change? Do I allow others to speak life into my life, with Biblical scripture verses or words of encouragement?
  2. It takes direct sunlight. For example, you may admire the way another woman runs her ministry. Ask yourself: Am I shining my light in my ministry? Am I open to positive criticism to grow in my ministry? Am I taking the time to read, learn, listen to podcasts and/or even to be mentored in order to grow?
  3. It takes sowing seeds. For example, you may admire the way a couple interacts in their marriage. Ask yourself: Am I speaking words of encouragement to my spouse? Do I speak my spouse’s love language? Am I fully attentive when my spouse is speaking to me? Do I pray for and with my spouse?

Let’s seize this challenge. Let’s try to have the grass greener on our side.


Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon