As the year 2021 has recently come to an end, I have been reflecting over the ups and downs, the happy times and disappointments, goals met and unmet in my life. Overall, I am grateful that in a year that has been full of change, rapid decision making, restrictions, and limitations, that God has been so good to me in many ways. God strengthened me daily as I asked Him for His strength. I found that my strength was just not enough to get me through my days; however, His strength was sufficient. He has continuously provided for and protected me. Another way that God has been good He blessed me with His peace. At a time where there is unrest, I found myself trusting in God and resting in His peace.

I found myself saying to people, “You have to take one day at a time.” Some people responded, “You have to take it moment by moment.” Isn’t it true that each of us have had a different journey this year? What was your year like? How is it ending for you?

My prayer for you and I is that we will be hopeful for what is to come in the year 2022. Like me, you may have goals and dreams that you are looking to accomplish. If you found that you had more disappointments than happy times this year, I encourage you to believe that there is hope. Your life can turn around for the better. If you are grieving, go through the process. Avoid shoving the grief and pain inside a secret compartment in your heart; choose to deal with it. Find community and the right support to help you through. Do not go through it alone.

My prayer for you is Romans 15:13. My friend, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” It is possible that you can be filled with all joy and peace, and overflow with hope. It’s a matter of trusting in God, and allowing His Holy Spirit to cause you to overflow with hope. May that be your story in 2022. I’m believing that it will be mine.


Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon