Leaders, as the year is coming to an end, I want you to take an inventory of how many times you’ve initiated a rest for yourself this year. Personally, I find that even with setting boundaries and trying not to have my plate full with different projects, obligations, etc., I still feel overwhelmed and mentally tired at various times. What about you?

It is important that we take those moments of rest – for our mind, body, spirit, and soul. It may require you carving out time for yourself. It may look like taking scheduled power naps. It could be saying “No” to different requests whether it’s to lead something, attend an event, etc. I’ve come across other leaders and business founders who carve out time – e.g., not accepting podcast interview requests or closing their business temporarily. I realize that that is their way of saying, “I need rest.”

As leaders you may feel that you are being pulled in so many directions and so much is being required of you. By the time you look at your cup, it could be almost empty. What can you pour out of an almost empty cup? Leaders, let’s take our much needed rest. Let’s refuel. Take the time to rest, and get your cup filled back up again. Please don’t allow guilt to prevent you from taking your rest. Neither let comparison prevent you from taking your rest.

Rest makes you stronger in more ways than one. I read an article, “The Benefits of Resting and How to Unplug in a Busy World”, by the contributor, Heather Cherry, who states that a few benefits of rest are: reduces stress, increases creativity, and improves productivity. As leaders, we need all of those benefits to make us become more effective.



Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon