Lori-Ann Dinnall

1 – Beginning of the journey – What was the situation? Was there a need?

Throughout 2018, my interactions with young millennial women showed me that much has changed in society & culture as it relates to what people value and are pursuing. I began feeling a mix of being old (or out of touch) alongside a genuine concern that this generation of women were growing up ill-equipped to face the pressures of adult life.
As I began to build relationships with several young women, I recognized that there was a need for “big sisters” to walk with them and share life lessons. I shifted my attention from being silently critical of these young women to developing a heart of compassion for them. I felt the call to step up and be a light to these women.

2 – The reason for courage while in the journey – How does courage play a role?

I knew that God was directing me to build a curriculum that covered various life topics to share with these young women. I had written out the blueprint, gave it the name “Growing Women” and had the vision for how these sessions would play out in my home; however, I was scared to launch it. I feared rejection. I feared that the ladies would not be interested in what I had to offer. I was afraid that someone would say “Who are you to lead others?”
Yet I persisted.
I made a decision to push past the fear and the doubts and trust the One who gave me this mantle. I mustered up my courage, strength and belief in my abilities that I was called to the ministry of Spiritual Motherhood. Once I stepped out and invited these ladies into this ministry, many of whom were strangers to me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they accept the invitation, but they stayed for the long haul.

3 – Was there change/growth in yourself? What were the fruits of your courage on others? – Describe the impact.

When you set out to be a blessing to others, you often find in the process that you end up being blessed even more in the process. My first year of running the Growing Women program challenged me in the area of my discipline, organization, intercession and ability to hold space for others. I had to be courageous in being vulnerable before these ladies, sharing the highs and lows of my own life experiences and continuing to serve them well in spite of my own setbacks and losses along the way. I learned so much from these women and about the beauty of community and consistency. My confidence as a facilitator grew as well as my belief in the value of what I have to offer to the world. The most incredible thing is seeing how many of these young women who passed through my program are now stepping boldly into greater responsibilities, embarking on new adventures and are stepping into their purpose in profound ways. To think that I may have played even a small role in a part of their journey to self-actualization is quite rewarding and encourages me to continue in the vital work of watering the next generation.

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