Think about experiences you’ve had, responses you’ve gave, and situations you were in. Were you proactive, reactive, or inactive?

Sometimes we’re in situations that may seem overwhelming, and because they seem too much to handle, we can decide to do nothing. We resolve to being inactive. Another reason for being inactive is due to fear. We can be afraid to make a move. Fear can paralyze you. Finally, comparison can cause you to be inactive. I’ve experienced all three types of situations in my life, and for some time was inactive. What about you?

It’s important to not stay inactive. We need to move from that state to a state of action. I know for me it required me to overcome fear by trying something for the first time. This was when I was creating blog posts for the first time. I was scared that I would make a mistake. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t know how to do it. For months, I remained inactive. I finally decided enough was enough. I took the necessary steps and I accomplished publishing my first blog post on my website. I was thrilled. I did make mistakes and ran into a couple of small problems; however, I realized it’s all part of the process. I came to the conclusion that this is how I learn. So, if you are like me and are afraid to try something for the first time, I am encouraging you to do it. Take the necessary steps. This is how you learn. If you come across a problem, know that there is always a solution. You will accomplish your goal if you keep at it. Don’t give up!

Secondly, being reactive allows us to make two choices. We can react positively or negatively. I have done both. I’ve regretted the times where I’ve reacted the latter way. It takes self-control to react positively especially when someone has upset you or the situation is not in your favour. Remember when someone upsets you for whatever reason, we can’t control their response. We can control our response to that individual.

Let’s try to react positively. Reacting positively doesn’t mean that you’re a doormat and people can do whatever they want to walk all over you. I suggest that you set up boundaries so that people are aware of what you stand for and don’t stand for. That way when you react, and by all means, you can be firm in your response, they understand your response. They may not like it, but hopefully, they respect it.

Lastly, the decision to be proactive is wise. For me, I’m exercising daily and eating more fruits and vegetables so that I have good health now and later as I get older. What we do now affects our tomorrow. This is just one example. What are decisions you are making in your life that are proactive?

It may feel like there’s more work to do on the front end when you are being proactive. However, think about the end, there may be less work to do. I know for people who have businesses, they put in a lot of time and money at the beginning when they first start. After time, it’s likely that they don’t need to put in as much time as they did when they first began, and hopefully, they’re making more money than what they used to invest in the startup of their business. As a result, the reward can be sweet all because you were proactive.

Reflect on where you are at, and if you are being proactive, reactive or inactive. Also reflect on your boundaries. Are you happy with them? Do they need to be revisited and changed? Lastly, if you are finding yourself stuck, ask yourself why. Aim to take baby steps to get unstuck. Resolve that you can overcome fear, comparison, and the sense of feeling overwhelmed. Looking forward to hearing about your process. Feel free to write about it in the comment box.

Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon