Ladies, it’s all about the process and the order of it. How many of you have wanted the harvest, and yet haven’t sown the seeds or waited enough time for germination? I know I have been in that situation more than once. I was reminded by the Lord that there is a time for sowing seeds. Sowing seeds, as we know, comes before harvest. In between that time is germination.

There may be a dream, goal, or vision you are pursuing right now. If you are at the beginning stages, I would like to challenge you. (This challenge is for me too.)

Requirements of Sowing Seeds:

  1. Sow intentionally. Ask yourself: Who do you want to sow into? Is this person connected to your dream, goal, or vision? Also, believe that when you sow, you will reap.
  2. Sow generously. Ask yourself: Where can I sow? How much do I sow? Be wise with sowing generously. It may be in spurts that you sow. You know how much you can give.
  3. Sow patiently. Ask yourself: When do I envision my dream or goal to be fulfilled? This requirement involves reverse planning. After that, you need to think of the length of time for germination. Finally, you need to ponder on the amount of time that you’ll be sowing seeds. When you sow patiently, it’s your attitude and mindset that need to be joined as one demonstrating: expectancy, anticipation, hope, and joy.

Various Seeds to Sow:

  1. Relationships. Developing relationships take time. It’s also reciprocal. There may be new ones that you’re looking to build, in order to sow a seed. Get to know the person.
  2. Opportunities. Look for opportunities where you can grow, develop, and learn. Some of these opportunities may be even outside of your comfort zone. Take that step.
  3. Development. This may look like taking a class or a course, going to a conference, joining a small group, etc. Think of any great leader and know that the path s/he took to get to where s/he is required time for development. What will this look like for you?

If you are presently in the season of sowing seeds, take your time. A harvest will come, that is if you sow seeds. Stay the course, remain diligent, and trust not only the process, but God, the Giver of the seeds.


Be encouraged,

Aisha Nixon